League of Legends

smurfм19 league of legends leagueoflegends lol лига легенд лол

Dmitrii “Smurf” Ivanov 

Date of birth: 22.06.1994
Role: Toplaner
Toplaner of the team. For his long gaming career, played on the three different roles (mid/top/support), including becoming a CIS champion on two different roles. Three-times Starladder champion, twice an LCL champion, Smurf is one of the best players in CIS for the last few seasons. Versatile and willing to sacrifice himself, Smurf is able of getting on peak of his form before important matches, consistently being a main catalyst for the team during the playoffs of the very different tournaments.

vincentvegaм19 league of legends leagueoflegends lol лига легенд лол

Egor “VincentVega” Medvedev

Date of birth: 10.01.1996

Role: AD Carry

ADC of M19. The only new player in the main roster of the World Championship-2016 quarterfinalists, VincentVega isn’t an amateur. The TECHLABS Cup 2013 winner and mutl-time medalist of the biggest CIS competitions, Egor is yet to win a big event, such as LCL. Coming back from the break for the university, VincentVega created a solid duo with Likkrit in, becoming the best botlane in CIS until the end of the last SLTV season. After a year in Natus Vincere, arguably the best ad carry in CIS reunited with his old friend in M19 to finally fulfill make his dream a reality after almost four years.

likkritм19 league of legends leagueoflegends lol лига легенд лол

Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev

Date of birth: 04.10.1995

Role: Support

Support player of M19. One of the hardest working and eccentric players in CIS became famous for the entire region due to his game in where in pair with VincentVega they almost led the team to the championship. Always eager to innovate Likkrit showed the entire region such champions as Bard and Tahm Kench, dominating on them during the Summer Split 2015 playoffs, where Dolphins were barely unable to get first. Getting a number 1 place on EUW ladder, Kirill joined HR, finally winning a coveted gold medal and adding a second one soon. Showing a way back into meta for Brand, Likkrit became the main star of the World Championship 2016 in North America, dominating not just in game but outside of it as well, participating in one passionate interview after another. Unhappy with Albus NoX Luna results (“just” a quarterfinal at Worlds), Likkrit went to South Korea where celebrated a New Year as a Challenger tier player. Appetite comes with eating so one of the best CIS players has reunited with VincentVega and is ready to improve the results of the squad under the M19 banners.

dayruinм19 league of legends leagueoflegends lol лига легенд лол

Boris “dayruin” Sherbakov

Date of birth: 05.01.1995

Role: Head coach

Head coach of the team. A living legend, SLTV champion in Hard Random and one of the best CIS ad carries of all-time. Was considered the best player in the region for a long time, being a Moscow Five captain but after SLTV Spring Split 2015, his career went downhill. Hanging his mouse, dayruin became a Natus Vincere analyst during the LCL Summer 2016 but got promoted to the head coach role soon. Helping a team to get semifinals, dayruin was invited to M19 where is going to use his leadership skills and game knowledge to win the main trophy.

ansvaм19 league of legends leagueoflegends lol лига легенд лол

Konstantin “Ansva” Chanchikov

Date of birth: 14.05.1988

Role: Manager and assistant coach

Manager of team and an assistant coach. Former Hard Random jungler, who became an analyst and a head coach in 2016, a Starladder vice-champion. Accumulated experience of Ansva helped Albus NoX Luna to win back-to-back LCL championships and play superb at the World Championship, deciding to take a step back to help team outside of the game. In the free time studies a lot of psychology literature, using the knowledge in building the healthy communication in the team.