Welcome Lukezy and Reach!

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Welcome Lukezy and Reach!

The final preparations for the summer split of the Continental League 2017 are completed — Luka “Lukezy” Trumbich and Lee “Reach” Joo-won join in our League of Legends team! During the tryouts under the leadership of Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev, Luka and Lee showed the best results and distinguished themselves by their game style. We are glad to see them in our team and believe that the new roster will put some pep into the team.

Lukezy’s experience in the opposition of the Continental League teams, a good performance of his role and a desire to grow in the eSports career will be a great beginning for a successful game as Mid Laner.

“I think we are going to do miracles. Likkrit’s game style fits me. Besides, the excellent Jungler joints the team, and I will be able to play with him. I really like how the things stand. I’m looking forward to the first friendly match. I will try my best in the game!”

— M19 Lukezy

Reach is the Korean trailblazer of LCL, he holds the position of Jungler. This is not the first Joo-won’s appearance on the competitive stage — the playing in Korean and Turkish regions give him a necessary experience, which he will be able to use in the League. From December 2015 until spring 2017 Reach played as Jungler in the rosters of “Team Turquality” and “Fenerbahçe 1907”, and in November 2016 he took part in the “LoL KeSPA Cup” as a Jungler of “CJ Entus”.

“I am proud to be a part of the M19! I am full of enthusiasm and ready to win. I will try my best in the team. Thank you!”

— M19 Reach

“There is a new page in the development of the roster. Though we did not work with foreign players, the current changes have made adjustments, and we have to adjust a development strategy. Luka and Chu Wong are a good replacement of PvPStejos and Kira. Both players have experience in the competitive League of Legends at a high level.

The goal for the summer split is a victory. Yes, there is a big job which will be done, because the roster has upgraded on 40%, but I am sure that Luka and Chu Wong are the players who will let M19 to the success. I am glad to see them in our team.”

— Yuri Markov, Disciplines Director

The new roster will take part in the summer split of LCL 2017, the announcement will be soon. And in the middle of summer from 6 to 9 July M19 will participate the tournament “Rift Rivals”. Learn more about the engagement of the four best teams in the CIS and Turkey here.


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