The different paths: Kira and PvPStejos leave M19

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The different paths: Kira and PvPStejos leave M19

The «M19» reports that Alexander «PvPStejos» Glazkov and Mikhail «Kira» Garmash are going to leave the «League of Legends» roster. These two players have been an integral part of the strongest team in the CIS scene for two years. The farewell from them is a solution that is tough on, but it is the best solution for both sides. We really appreciate everything they have done and wish them the best of luck for future endeavors.

Kirill «Likkrit» Malofeev becomes the captain of «M19». The tryouts for Mid and Jungle positions will be held under his leadership. We believe that the new players will be able to put fresh impetus into the team and «M19» will take the title of the LCL Summer Split 2017 champions.

Kirill «Likkrit» Malofeev’s comment:

I hate goodbyes. I do not like giving up on people, books, serials. But unfortunately every story has an end. We all know what happens if we do not draw down the curtain. All people begin to discuss the favorite heroes and the only people’s thought is: “This is not what it should be”. The new chapter and episode get worse and worse until the story turns into a commercial project without a soul.

Even though I often swear at each of the left players, it is a personal loss not only for me and the roster, but also for the organization. And for those of you who was in the «Hard Random», «Albus NoX Luna» and «M19», it does not have to be a tragedy. Of course, now it looks like the dot the “i” and “the one and only roster” is dead. There are the two options after a crushing blow: a defeat or a fight. And the second option is exactly what we plan to do.

Thank you Kira and PvPStejos for all things we have experienced together, but now it is the time to write a new story. What does it be? I do not know, but I believe that we can achieve together more than we imagine.

Boris «dayruin» Sherbakov’s comment:

Today Kira and PvPStejos leave the «M19» and as a result, I would like to start with a little background.

A year and a half ago PvPStejos and Likkrit joined the roster, which almost remained unchanged until today. This roster composition became the most successful in the CIS scene over the past few years. The last season is unsuccessful for us, but the roster needs to move further and at the moment the roster needs a jolting. Only with the absolute success the ambitious young people easily come to an understanding. Unfortunately, in the last split the expected result is not achieved, in view of what there is no the moral and psychological ease in joint cooperation.

I am grateful to Kira and PvPStejos for the invaluable contribution they have made to the roster composition and I am sure that they accomplish all their goals in the future.

Besides, the substitute AD Carry Maxim «Stierlitz» Isaev left the roster. Current «League of Legends» roster:

  • Support — Kirill «Likkrit» Malofeev
  • ADC — Egor «Vincent Vega» Medvedev
  • Top – Dmitrii «Smurf» Ivanov
  • Mid — TBA
  • Jungle — TBA
  • Substitute — TBA

We will soon introduce new players, stay tuned!

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