Review: Vaevictis eSports vs M19

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Review: Vaevictis eSports vs M19

The M19’s team composition was a mix of the main trends from European LCS with a seasoned Brand pick by Likkrit. Shen and Kha’Zix by Smurf and PvPStejos, staple midlane for Kira in Orianna and a classic utility-adc Ashe for VincentVega. Vaevictis Esports decided to pick a newly reworked Warwick, fortified the wolf with Karma and got three more priority picks in Ryze, Maokai and Varus. However, it wasn’t enough to make LCL’s newcomers strong enough to compete against the champion.

Hearing the complaints about their early game, M19 have decided that it’s the time to show that they’re still able to pressure on this stage of the game. Another first blood for VincentVega and Likkrit, the latter’s roams to add two more kills to PvPStejos’s pocket. A creative usage of blast cone in the jungle helped M19 to kill Warwick, Ryze and Maokai to essentially snowball out of control. Another rotation towards the toplane lead to 2 more kills and a pre-21 minute Baron Nashor for the CIS champions. Fantastic game by Kira’s Orianna who finished with 9/0, unkillable Shen by Smurf, classic Likkrit/PvPStejos duo roaming around the Summoner’s Rift and VincentVega who has done everything he needed to help his team. Vaevictis Esports could only take 3 kills in the entire game before their blue Nexus has fallen and that was it.

22-3, 0 towers lost, 0 dragons lost and 0 Barons Nashors lost: M19 have earned their second victory in LCL Spring 2017 and are looking to get their third tomorrow. A game against ROX, the only team with the win so far in LCL looks to be a promising chance to improve our record even more. Someone put us 7th in their rankings after the first week but it was only the beginning. #GOM19

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