Review: ROX vs M19

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Review: ROX vs M19

After almost an ideal game yesterday, M19 had to face the outsiders from ROX. The latter were unable to beat any team, got perfect game’d by Vega Squadron but they’ve prepared hard for this showdown.

It became clear fast that ROX wanted to target Likkrit, Kira and Smurf with their bans but M19 still ended up with a composition similar to the yesterday one — Orianna for Kira, Kha’Zix for PvPStejos, Likkrit got his beloved Brand while VincentVega secured his Ashe. The only difference was a Nautilus for Smurf instead of the yesterday’s Shen.

ROX chose Ivern as their jungler and early game didn’t work out for The Green Father at all. PvPStejos invaded him early to get a first blood on Punisher and when ROX’s jungler tried to recover by stealing the blue buff, he got greeted by 3 M19 players to gift double buffs to Likkrit. Early 1k gold advantage for M19.

Mediocre success on PvPStejos’s ganks still got M19 an ocean dragon but then problems started to rise. Likkrit and VincentVega’s aggressive play got interrupted by the multiple Ivern ganks and after Kha’Zix and Ashe deaths near the bottom outer turret ROX got even in gold. While Smurf was able to get a big lead in the toplane, it didn’t result in anything big as ROX secured the bottom outer tower while Nautilus couldn’t equalize despite not using his Teleport.

The key moment of the game happened during the first Baron Nashor take — classic M19 rotation with Brand towards the purple lizard almost worked out once again but Punisher was able to steal the objective to give his team a big lead. Despite that unfortunate sequence of events M19 were able to set up a great teamfight: fantastic combo between Depth Charge and Pyroclasm resulted in three kills and a middle outer turret. ROX decided to play much more careful after that, taking down most of the M19’s outer structures.

40 minutes into the game a big teamfight in the midlane occured. Ekka traded his life for Kira’s as the remaining team was much stronger than anything M19 could offer. After the teamfight victory ROX just ran down midlane, taking out t3, inhibitor, both t4s and a red Nexus itself to get their first win of the season. 2-2 — this is the M19’s score in the table after 2 weeks and before the next week, when our team is going to face off against Vega Squadron (3-1) and (3-1), it’s probably about time to make a statement about who’s still the king in this league. #GOM19

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