Review: M19 vs Vega Squadron

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Review: M19 vs Vega Squadron

Third season of LCL continues to be not the best one for M19 Team. In the fifth match of the season, our team lost to our biggest rivals from Vega Squadron, but what a game that was!

The beginning of the game was just a calm before the storm as PvPStejos’s Graves ganked botlane to get a first blood on Edward’s Zyra after Likkrit used Nether Grasp. Likkrit and VincentVega had an advantage in the botlane but team communication issues plagued the midgame again. Two lost elemental dragons (cloud and mountain one) plus multiple kills for Zanzarah’s Kha’Zix — Varus’s life starte to suck. Fantastic zone control composition by Vega Squadron’s composition with Miss Fortune, Zyra and Orianna didn’t allow M19 to start a big teamfight, while NoNholy’s Fiora was ramping up in the toplane.

Infernal dragon was a nice boost for M19’s composition as they’ve started their classic sneaky Baron Nashor at the 32nd minute. Despite Edward scouting it as early as it was possible, Zyra still died almost instantly, PvPStejos won the smite war against Zanzarah and Kha’Zix went down as well. Losing only Kira M19 took an advantage once again but it wasn’t enough to close out the game.

After two losses in the beginning of the season, M19 came to Week 3 only being third in the table, an unknown territory for the team despite being so close to the coveted first place. Victory against Vega Squadron would guarantee getting to #2 but due to “sharks” mentality, was going to be a good game. M19 decided to choose a lot of comfort champions such as Poppy for Smurf, champion which brought three victories for Albus NoX Luna during the World Championship group stage. Kira’s Ryze, one of his signature picks capable of destroying multiple wildcard teams during IWCI. Likkrit got his Malzahar which might be the best support pick right now, while VincentVega got his hands on Varus, the most prioritized pick this season all across the globe. Graves for PvPStejos rounded up the composition. not just being a good champion for our captain but a champion who got buffed by the lethality changes a lot.

Taking only one structure with the help of a Baron Nashor’s buff, Vega Squadron and M19 were going even up until the late game. One extra mountain dragon for Vega Squadron forced M19 to opt for the Elder Dragon instead of the Baron Nashor if they wanted to not collapse entirely in the teamfights. Questionable Mortal Reminder by Smurf instead of a tank item led to the unfortunate sequence of events where Fiora was able to 1v3, while Drobovik123’s Orianna took down the toplane inhibitor. Multiple M19’s champions deaths later, “sharks” roared jumping on their seats — it was the very first victory against HR/ANX/M19 in the regular season in more than a year, since the 2016 LCL Spring. The most important part is that M19 are now 2-3 in the table with the game against another leader,, later tonight. VP won their last three matches so a win is going to raise the team’s spirit higher than it is right now. Another loss is going to reinvigorate team even harder, but it’s time to start winning.


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