Preview: LCL Week 7

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Preview: LCL Week 7

Last week of the regular season is going to gift us two more M19’s games! Two last gamedays will match us against Gambit Esports and Vaevictis Esports! You can learn more about these matches and possible tiebreakers below!

On Saturday M19 are going to play against Gambit Esports. 1,5 months ago Gambit took a victory against our team. Jungle Camille, not the best game from the entire roster, great game by Diamondprox’s Olaf and zoiren’s Orianna — it was one of these games you get remind of but don’t want to remember if you’re a M19’s supporter. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since and teams sit on the different poles of the scoreboard. The reigning CIS champions won 4 games in a row after coming back from Katowice, having a great chance to take first place in the regular season. The famous organisation Gambit are 6th, unable to get to playoffs and yet to secure the spot in the LCL 2017 Summer Split. After Archie2b’s return to the team and groove coming back as a coach, Gambit started to look like as a team from the upper half of the table, but a victory in this game is mandatory for our guys to keep a high chance to finish 1st to be able to choose an opponent in the semifinal.

In the last match of the regular season, M19 are going to face off against Vaevictis Esports. In the first round, the reigning CIS champions took a convincing victory, destroying the opponent with a 22-3 score. A signature Brand by Likkrit, monstrous performance by Kira’s Orianna and PvPStejos’s Kha’Zix — DoubleAiM’s Warwick didn’t work quite as good as a team, which wasn’t considered as a favourite by anyone, planned. A month later, team led by the former Hard Random and Albus NoX Luna manager madneps sits in the first place, splitting it with the favourites of the season, while the aforementioned DoubleAiM leads in the season MVP race before the final week. The last test before the playoffs is going to be an important one for M19: a win is very likely to give an easier semifinal opponent while a loss might take few hundreds of nerve cells away from our team’s fans.

A hard regular season is coming to an end but M19’s form after coming back from Intel Extreme Masters Season XI World Championship Katowice gives a lot of positive thoughts. Two victories in the Week 7 guarantee M19 a place in the top-2 before the semifinals and also might force us to play a tiebreaker against Vega Squadron in case “sharks” win both their matches this week. Two losses might cause M19 to play a tiebreaker to even get to the playoffs, either against Team Just Alpha in case they win two of their matches, or a 3-way-tie if either or Vega Squadron lose both games. One win is going to be enough to secure a place in the playoffs but it’s very likely that M19 will need to play multiple tiebreakers to find out the final seed before the semifinals. Turn the official stream on at 6pm Moscow time on Saturday and 7pm MSK on Sunday, support our team and don’t forget that now every fan can get to the new LCL studio to cheer live for the favourite team!


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