M19 comes back!

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M19 comes back!

After finalizing a deal with a new reliable sponsor, a famous esports team from the beginning of 21st century, signs up the most successful CIS LoL roster from the last 2 years – Albus NoX Luna.

M19 plans on bootcamping in the renovated 18th century manor starting next week. 11 hectares of comfort – time to prepare hard for the new season!
Official statement by Alexander ‘PvPStejos’ Glazkov:

“We’re pretty happy that we were able to join M19 in 2017. The competition is getting fiercer every year, all of the players spend precious time playing games to achieve their goals. We’ve set the long-term goals and are going to work hard. M19 is a step forward for all of us and an organisation we can work for a long time and develop ourselves.”
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