LCL Week 6: Preview

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LCL Week 6: Preview

LCL returns so are our team’s games! On the Week 6 M19 are going to face a pretty good ROX team before going against for the second time this season. You can find more info in our announcement!

On Saturday M19 are going to face the last place team, ROX. During the second week, ROX have surprised everyone by taking home their first victory this season. A stolen Baron Nashor, an impeccable usage of Ivern and a solid play by everyone in ROX’s roster led to a loss for our team, extending the ‘1-1’ week streak. More than a month later ROX are looking decent in LCL, taking down Natus Vincere.CIS and almost beating Vega Squadron and Gambit Esports. Won’t be a walk in the park for our team but if we want to continue our rise in the table, have to take a win here.

In the Sunday’s match M19 are going to face off against Few weeks ago our future opponent looked very strong, playing an impressive early game. Despite the deficit, M19, led by PvPStejos kept the game close even without a dragon pit control. The reigning CIS champions stayed alive despite losing two inhibitors while a quadrakill by our captain’s Kha’Zix allowed M19 to not just be alive but win a game without a trouble. VP are still ahead of us in the table but a victory on Sunday might allow M19 to surpass The Bears on the scoreboard by the end of the penultimate week.

Week 5 has finally resulted in the two coveted victories, which catapulted M19 into the top-3 of the regular season. A tough competition doesn’t allow to relax too much, therefore we need your support! Tune in to the live broadcast of our games on March, 11th at 7pm Moscow time and March, 12th at 6pm MSK, support M19 during their games in the new LCL studio and don’t forget about sending us the messages in all the social networks with the #GOM19 hashtag!

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