LCL Week 4: Preview

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LCL Week 4: Preview

LCL returns so are our team’s games! This week M19 are going to play against one of our rivals, Natus Vincere plus start the second round against Team Just Alpha! You can find more info in our announcement.

M19 are going to finish the first round of LCL on Saturday with a long-waited showdown against Natus Vincere. Teams traded ad carries in the off-season with VincentVega joining the reigning CIS champions while aMiracle went to search for a new challenge in Na’Vi. Last year ANX won 3 games out of 4 against Natus Vincere but then-Lasagna’s team gave Albus NoX Luna their only loss in LCL Summer regular season. After three weeks Natus Vincere are even with M19 in the table: 3 victories against ROX, Gambit and Vega Squadron are evened out by the poor losses to, Team Just Alpha and Vaevictis Esports. M19’s victory against “yellow and black” is going to finish the first rounds on the positive note but it won’t be a walk in the park. Na’Vi are capable of stealing Barons Nashors, can beat any team in LCL when they hit their stride and were always dangerous to our team in the past.

In the last match before going to IEM Katowice, M19 are going to start the second round with a game against Team Just Alpha. In the season opener, M19 got a hard fought victory despite losing early game horribly. Strong decisions by PvPStejos and Co turned the game around and lead M19 to the victory in the end. Continental League’s newcomers are in the middle of the table with three wins and three losses but Week 4 is going to be the hardest test possible: Vega Squadron and M19 to face. It’s going to be a fourth game between these teams in the last few months: Albus NoX Luna have trounced Marker’s team in Saint Petersburg during the LCL Open Cup and added up the third victory on the first week. Confident 4-0 would be a great gift before going to Poland.

Despite allowing few mistakes during the first three weeks, our team is just one step behind the top of the table. Victories against Natus Vincere and Team Just Alpha are not just going to fortify our positions in the upper half of the table but add up few points to the mood before flying to Katowice! Tune in to the live broadcast of our games on February, 18th at 8pm Moscow time and February, 19th at 6pm MSK, support M19 during their games in the new LCL studio and don’t forget about sending us the messages in all the social networks with the #GOM19 hashtag!

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