5 reasons to watch CIS LCL!

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5 reasons to watch CIS LCL!

Well, well, well, where do we actually need to start. Okay, let’s start with the biggest one.

Reason 1

You all loved Likkrit and Albus NoX Luna during the World Championship. Even if you didn’t cheer for ANX at the International Wild Card Qualifier, you surely enjoyed them beating G2, CLG and ROX Tigers. It was fun, they didn’t cheese their way to victory and actually played on even footing against them most of the time. And everyone loved Likkrit’s speeches, for real. Sportsmanship was overflowing, San Francisco was forced to cheer for G2 and Chicago Theater was trying their best to cheer for Albus NoX Luna, even if they got beaten hard by H2k-Gaming. Just a bad day, next time will be better! Still achieved a lot.

Reason 2

So even if you don’t want to cheer for Likkrit and M19 (new ANX’s tag), you surely know who Diamondprox is. The legendary innovator and Moscow Five jungler, multiple times IEM MVP and one of the players everyone loved. From not knowing a single word in English to getting voted by European community to go to All Stars in 2014, most adored Diamondprox, be it M5, Gambit Gaming or Unicorns of Love. Now he is going to try and lead Gambit.CIS to former glory and who knows, maybe to World Championship?

Reason 3

Wait, you still don’t want to watch LCL? At least you can come and watch famous organisations such as Vega Squadron or Natus Vincere playing games! Their DotA and CS:GO teams are known worldwide and Na’Vi is loved by a lot of people for 6,5 years. The International champions, mutliple times world champions in Counter-Strike — LoL fans at least will remember niQ, who once played in LCS for Gambit and won Intel Extreme Masters Cologne with them. Vega is probably less known but still almost won a game against Samsung Galaxy at IEM Gyonggi, Worlds vice-champions no less. And their former coach Sharkz is now coaching G2 Esports, 2-times European champions!

Reason 4

Do I really need to use the ultimate weapon? We have Kira. The Death Note owner, a proud father and a 2015’s IWCA 1v1 tournament champion who is even more essential to the song of ice and fire Albus NoX Luna squad loved to sing. The best CIS Anivia and one of the best midlaners in all of the wildcard — Kira is fun to watch, his overextensions are hilarious but when he’s on fire, he crushes a lot of things on his path.

Reason 5

People, you’re so difficult to understand sometimes. If you’re still reading it, at least come to watch FlashInTheNight’s glorious beard. Oldschool fans can remember him as a Cassiopeia/Morgana player for mouz, new fans will at least enjoy the beard.

See you at the broadcast from the new fancy offline studio! http://twitch.tv/riotgamesru (you can check schedule here) welcome to the LoL Continental League, the league with a bear on its logo. It doesn’t drink vodka, neither it plays balalaika but at least it has a great hat with ear flaps and ready to roar.

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