10 facts about VincentVega, new ad carry for M19

10 facts about VincentVega, new ad carry for M19

In ex-Hard Random/Albus NoX Luna and now M19, Egor “VincentVega” Medvedev is going to take the spot of Vladislav “aMiracle” Scherbina, who decided to join Natus Vincere CIS before 2017. Below you can find 10 interesting facts about the player, who’s going to try and help M19 to reach the highest heights possible.


  1. VincentVega is one of the strongest ad carries in CIS, but he’s still yet to win the CIS premier league. Virtus.pro, Dolphins of Wall Street, Natus Vincere — in the every team he was painfully close but to no avail. In M19, Egor’s goal is the same to the team’s one — first or nothing.
  2. In M19, VincentVega is going to rejoin Likkrit in the botlane, which was a force to be reckoned with in Virtus.pro and Dolphins of Wall Street. The best regional botlane during the Summer 2015, VincentVega and Likkrit are eager to prove that they’re still #1 in Spring 2017.



  1. The most successful VincentVega’s champion in the past 2 years is Kalista. 15 wins and just 7 losses — The Spear of Vengeance rended all of the VP, Dolphins and Na’Vi opponents, while LCL Spring 2017 participants are hectically trying to find a recently buffed champion to ban him before the game begins.
  2. One of the best CIS’s Draven players, has a few words about The Glorious Executioner: “Draven is a pretty easy champion if you understand how he works. Don’t trade without having two axes and call for your jungler when you have a lot of stacks of Adoration. Then you can win the game alone.”



  1. In the LCL Summer Split 2016, Egor has returned to his previous level, leading the league in CSPM, dying less than 2 times per game and participating in more than ⅔ of all the Na’Vi.CIS kills. The same Na’Vi.CIS, who played with substitutes for a part of the season.
  1. VincentVega is a very flexible player, being able to play on every marksman and fit all of the M19’s drafts. Caitlyn and Sivir, Jhin and Ezreal — doesn’t matter who, the end result is going to be similarly good.
  1. VincentVega made a right decision in 2014, missing two Starladder seasons. After fixing all the problems with education, player has returned and became even stronger, showcasing his ability to have his priorities straight and not having any problems with entering different teams.
  2. VincentVega is a fan of a new KT Rolster ad carry Deft, one of the best marksmans in the history of League of Legends. His love is shown in his in-game name on EUW — Kim Hyuk Kyuu.



  1. During his time in the Tyan Ne Nygni mix, VincentVega was able to win TECHLABS Cup 2013 by beating Ray of Deads in the final. Ad carry has played on the high level, leading the TurntheSlayer’s team to the first place.
  1. In the middle of spring-2017, when the LCL LAN is going to take place, Egor is going to follow the English Premier League as well. Being a fan of Liverpool Football Club, he’s going to hope not just to triumph with M19, but for LFC to win EPL as well. For the first time since 1990.

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