10 facts about the M19’s head coach — dayruin

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10 facts about the M19’s head coach — dayruin

Coming into a new season, Boris ‘dayruin’ Scherbakov is going to take Konstantin ‘Ansva’ Chanchikov place as a M19’s head coach. Formerly one of the best adcs in the history of CIS and a LCL medal-winning coach is going to lead the current LoL Continental League champions with only one goal in mind — winning.

  1. Dayruin has joined the what was going to become Albus NoX Luna after the end of SLTV Summer Split 2015, but before the LCL Spring 2016, decided to quit and create his own organisation — Team Differential.
  2. Despite winning a lot of awards and prize places, dayruin is still yet to win a big CIS league since the beginning of the “new era”. After joining the team which won the last four titles, dayruin is going to give his best to come back to the top of LCL — now as a coach.


  1. In Hard Random, the M19’s predecessor, dayruin has won the biggest CIS tournament —  Starladder. During the SLTV Season 2, Hard Random were able to turn the season on its head and won the league despite finishing 7th in the regular season.
  1. After winning SLTV Season 2 and quitting HR, dayruin and Russian Force got a chance to play in the qualifying tournament for the World Championship-2014. Plagued by the visa issues team has lost all 4 games, while dayruin has died 36 times.
  1. Despite being a running joke in community, dayruin, in words of the casting team, is one of the very few CIS adcs, who was consistently trying to crank up everything from his champions.

  1. According to the last six season League of Legends statistics, dayruin is #4 in kills per minute among all the professional players with more than 50 games — 0,1606 kills per minute.
  1. During the Spring Split-2015, dayruin has lead all the adcs in kills per game, assists per game, KDA, CSPM and kill share. Showing what he’s capable of, Boris was able to drag Moscow Five towards the grandfinal where they ultimately lost to Hard Random.
  2.  After not achieving any success as a Team Differential adc during the LCL Spring 2016, dayruin got an offer to become a strategic coach for Natus Vincere.CIS in the Summer Split. Becoming a head coach after just two weeks, Boris was able to lead the team to the respectable 8-6 scoreline and a spot in the semifinals.

  1. Dayruin himself doesn’t really think that much has changed during his transition from player to coach: “Basically I started to coach after becoming a captain in Hard Random during the SLTV Season 2, outside of the spring season-2015. Nothing has really changed besides the part where I don’t need to actually play.”
  1. VincentVega, new M19’s ad carry claims that “Boris helped Na’Vi to choose the right strategies in the draft phase, explained the rotations and was able to make training process clear. Also he worked individually with the every player, removing the internal issues in the team.”

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